Past Shows (2011)

Here are the shows from the 2011 season.

  • Jan. 20th – BlueBeat DC’s one-year anniversary!
    Featuring a fabulous all female-front line up with: The Scotch Bonnets, The Thrilltones, and Midnight Soul Pushers and DJ Bobby Babylon at the turntables.
  • Feb. 17th, 8pm
    Interstate Rivals, Pimpbot (all the way from Hawaii!), the Chariots
    King Cock Sound System at the turntables.
  • Mar. 17th, 8pm
    The Shifters, On Display, the Thrilltones
    DJ Apollo 12 at the turntables.
  • Apr. 21st, 8pm
    Royal City Riot (NY), the Beatdowns (Canada), and Eastern Standard Time!
    King Cock Sound System at the turntables.
  • May 19th, 8pm
    the Shifters, Nayas, and Pablo’s Reggae Sweatshop All-Stars
  • Jun. 16th, 8pm
    Midnight Soul Pushers (one of their singer’s last shows before she leaves!), the Thrilltones, Squirt Gun Warriors
  • July 21st, 8pm
    the Shifters, Lucky Dub, Kickoman
  • Aug. 18th, 8pm
    the Pinstripes, the Dream Grenades, and Pablo’s Reggae Sweatshop All-Stars
  • Sep. 15th, 8pm
    the Pressure, the Thrilltones, Lady Hatchet
  • Oct. 20th, 8pm
    Making Movies, Nayas, Unity Reggae Band
  • Nov. 10th, 8pm
    Duncan’s Birthday Extravaganza with: the Shifters, Queen P of Ocean 11, Hub City Stompers
  • Dec. 15th, 8pm
    the Dream Grenades, the Chariots, Lady Hatchet and friends